National People's Party

Goal / Manifesto

The following goals NPP Karnataka promises our fellow citizens.


Women Centric Issues

We will implement substantial measures on women's rights and introduce strict laws on sexual violence, women trafficking, and other issues to achieve women's overall development and make India a safer place for them. Our main women-centric concerns are:

  • Enact the 33 per cent Women’s Reservation.
  • Laws to ensure equal rights in marital and inherited property.
  • Changes in educational curricula to include subjects related to gender equality.
  • Make public spaces safer for women.
  • Fund rehabilitation scheme for victims of sexual violence.
  • Stricter laws against women trafficking.
  • Increase allocations for women in all gender budgeting.
  • Laws against honour crimes.
  • Strict implementation of the PCPNDT Act (against sex determination tests and female foeticide).
  • Special schemes for single women, including widows and female-headed families.
  • Provide free secure and separate transport service.
  • Vending machines for sanitary products in public places.
  • Reduce taxation on sanitary products.


NPP Karnataka commits to implement schemes to control the rising drug prices and leverage all resources to make medical services available to all Indian citizens. Our primary healthcare concerns include:

  • Health Insurance Benefits.
  • Decreased Drug Costs.
  • Availability of ambulance and healthcare staff 24/7.
  • Better hospital infrastructures.
  • Regulate the private health sector.
  • Revive the public sector pharmaceutical units.
  • Focus on health determinants such as drinking water, sanitation, and nutrition.
  • Control and regulate clinical trials and prohibit unethical clinical trials.
  • Set up training institutes for health workers.
  • Provide primary healthcare services to the poor for free of cost. 


To ensure the students benefit from the educational system, we intend to take a scientific and knowledge-oriented approach. Our primary focus will be on training and career development. Our principal educational concerns include:

  • Focus on the quality of education.
  • A better foundation of the educational institutions.
  • Improved government school facilities.
  • Add cultural and extracurricular activities for the overall development of students.
  • Access to free tuition for the underprivileged.
  • Lower interest rates on education loans.
  • Scholarship programs.
  • Transportation facilities for students.
  • Special provisions for the education of girls.


We promise to design a better model to resettle our Armed Forces. It includes healthcare facilities, employment opportunities, tax benefits, affordable housing & more. Our primary concerns for veterans include the following:

  • Create policies that help hire veterans.
  • Translate their military training into civilian-sector jobs.
  • Tax breaks for employers hiring veterans.
  • Make loans available to veterans looking to start small businesses.
  • Affordable housing facilities for veterans at risk of homelessness.
  • Veteran Healthcare.

Agriculture and Logistics/Farmers

NPP Karnataka will focus on measures to reduce environmental damage and destruction that affect farmers and their livelihoods. We will raise awareness about science-based agricultural practices. To maintain a healthy demand and supply chain, we will also focus on transportation. Among our basic agricultural and logistics concerns are:

  • Promote indigenous agricultural practices.
  • Boost agriculture via scientific interventions.
  • Animal Husbandry and Fishery.
  • Food technology and agricultural output balancing.
  • Link market to export more organic crops.
  • Provide subsidies on equipment, vehicles, etc.
  • Fertilizer availability.
  • Revival of fertilizer plants.
  • Transportation for goods.
  • Transparency in land acquisition, rehabilitation and resettlement.
  • Subsidies to encourage organic farming.
  • Special attention to drought and farmer suicide.
  • More storage facilities.
  • Insurance for crops.
  • Training camps on scientific sowing practices, soil testing, crop protection, agronomic practices, post-harvest technologies and market information.
  • Promote and strengthen cooperatives for agricultural production, water use, input purchase, crop storage, output marketing and dairy.
  • Prevent invasion and takeover of common lands such as pastures, community forests, scrublands, and so on.

Energy Efficiency

NPP Karnataka will promote the use of solar plants, wind turbines and also boost the production of green energy equipment to combat the problem of global warming and climate change. Our key concerns for energy efficiency include:

  • Boost production of green energy equipment.
  • Provide grants for solar plants and wind turbines.
  • Reduce the use of fossil fuels.
  • Reduce the demand for energy imports to drop household and economic costs.


NPP Karnataka will initiate steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and pollution levels in rivers and major cities to create a more sustainable future. The party will also provide subsidies for the purchase of electric vehicles. Our chief environmental concerns are as follows:

  • Reduce emission of greenhouse gases through effective regulation.
  • Implement climate-resilient development strategies.
  • Reduce pollution in rivers and other water bodies through active supervision.
  • Prevent degradation and destructive development on river beds and floodplains.
  • Improve buildings, transportation, industry, and energy generation facilities.
  • Promote EVs by providing allowances on the purchase of such vehicles.


NPP Karnataka intends to increase government spending on children to cover their necessities and introduce stricter anti-child labour legislation. Our main priorities for children are:

  • Expand The Right to Education Act to include all children.
  • Comprehensive coverage of essential services, such as supplementary nutrition, immunization, preschool non-formal education, regular health check-ups, and quick referral services.
  • Child Labour Amendments.
  • Make a sufficient number of child-friendly playgrounds.
  • Create viable steps to trace missing children to ensure public reporting of the search status.
  • Strict enforcement of child sexual exploitation protection laws.
  • Shelter provisions for the homeless.


We pledge to uphold the rights of transgender people and ensure crimes against LGBT people gain equal importance. The following are some of our main concerns about the transgender community:

Additionally, NPP Karnataka assures that transgender youth have access to opportunities for self-employment and skill development.

  • Uphold the rights of the LGBT community.
  • Reservation in educational institutions to ensure equal rights and opportunities.
  • Ensuring crimes against LGBT citizens are given equal importance.
  • Measures to combat bullying, violence, and harassment of gender nonconforming and LGBT students, faculty, and staff.

Persons with Disabilities

NPP Karnataka pledges all the public services, public spaces, and private properties will be accessible to people with disabilities. Some of our major concerns for people with disabilities include:

NPP Karnataka guarantees the certification process is simplified, and more employment opportunities are available for them.

  • Simplify the process of certification.
  • Increasing the pension.
  • Make all buildings, public spaces, modes of transportation, information, and other channels fully accessible and barrier-free.
  • Make healthcare facilities accessible and affordable.
  • Safe and secure transportation.

Senior Citizens

NPP Karnataka will make a network of old age homes/daycare centers a primary focus, ensuring that poor senior citizens who need aids and assistive devices receive them quickly. These are our top concerns for senior citizens:

  • Build a network of old-age homes/daycare centres.
  • Safe and secure transportation.
  • Old age healthcare.

Youth Focus

We will provide job opportunities for young people in various sectors. To encourage entrepreneurship, NPP Karnataka will also offer training programs and assistance on how to start your business. Our key areas to focus on the youth are:

  • More employment opportunities.
  • Promote sports activities and training facilities for youth.
  • Training programs on how to start a business and provide assistance to initiate own social enterprise.


NPP Karnataka believes in eradicating inequalities by generating wealth and ensuring the well-being of all segments of society. Our focus areas for economic development are:

  • Increase the manufacturing sector’s GDP share.
  • Ensure a steady taxation system.
  • Increase accessibility to apprenticeship and job training programs.
  • Improve small scale businesses.
  • Get rid of poverty.


NPP Karnataka vows to make more investments in the country's infrastructure by making connectivity better with convenient roads, railways, ports and airports. Our major infrastructure concerns are:

For maintenance and up-gradation, we aim to repair the roads bridges and ensure public restrooms are available in all public and commercial areas.

  • Increase public investment in infrastructure.
  • Budgetary allocations for power, communications, railways, roads, ports, and airports.
  • Utilize the domestic market to develop the country’s power and telecommunications equipment manufacturing.
  • Change telecom policies to encourage rural telecom penetration and connectivity.
  • Increase broadband penetration, making internet access affordable for everyone.
  • Maintenance and up-gradation of airports, railway stations and public places.
  • Make public restrooms available in all commercial and public areas.
  • Build parking facilities and flyovers to reduce traffic.
  • Safeguard cultural heritage.
  • Restore deteriorated roads and bridges.

Science & Technology

NPP Karnataka promises to provide adequate funding to promote science, technology, and innovation to make India a scientifically advanced nation. Our key science & technological concerns comprise:

  • Enhance public funding of indigenous research in science and technology.
  • Strengthen the university system in research and development.
  • Focus on agricultural research to break monopolies of companies.
  • Organize campaigns to promote scientific temper and rational thinking.


To provide security, NPP Karnataka will keep a close eye to ensure safety to every visitor and citizen of India and take necessary steps to maintain law and order. Our chief security concerns include the following:

  • Provide surveillance cameras on public transport, public places and remote areas of the city.
  • Make security staff available in public places.
  • Ensure night patrolling in all areas.


NPP Karnataka promises to initiate measures to make India a corruption-free nation by empowering regulators and investigative agencies.